Build a Beautiful Home With County Acres

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A home is not just a wooden frame, wires, and a roof. There is special care and consideration that goes into building a home, one that will be your family treasure for the rest of your lives. These are things you simply will not get from an assembly line house made by some corporation based in another place.

County Acres is not a corporation but a mom and pop company built from the ground up. Our first concern is with you, our customer, not budgets or bottom lines. Building your dream home and ensuring it is exactly what you want is most important to us!

Being a local company, you can deal directly with us, the owners. Corporations are usually run out of a corner office by someone thousands of miles away. At County Acres, we are here for you at any time to answer your questions and to help you in your dream to build a home that will be worthy of you and your family.

County Acres also sells a wide variety of Ashley Furniture, so that once we complete your dream home, we can help you can furnish it with the accents and color schemes you desire!

We also will help you fix and maintain your home by offering the parts needed to repair most of your household and its appliances. Simply put, we want to provide you every means needed for your dream home!

Contact us today and discover how we can help you build the home of your dreams!